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David Robertson

Ro-Hun Therapist

David has been on a self-enlightenment adventure since childhood. He has honed his spiritual abilities with a lifetime of study and is deeply attuned to the spiritual dimensions of Light. He earned a doctorate in Ro-Hun Transpersonal Therapy from Delphi University with further studies at Arthur Findlay College in England and Kingswell College in Scotland. He specializes in perceiving and facilitating the movement, release, and balance of energies in the emotional, mental, and spiritual states.
His skills draw on the knowledge of consciousness and the chakras. He is an etheric surgeon, psychically trained to remove blocks and access and transform faulty thought patterns that can cause emotional pain, trauma, and illness. He is adept at opening the spiritual perception of individuals so they may receive their own guidance, and spiritual strength from higher aspects of their being.

His workshops and classes are filled with love, wisdom, laughter, and practical exercises that provide the participants with the means to develop their own spiritual abilities and create a more harmonious and productive life.
David is an active member of the Delphi University community where he participates in Healing Sanctuaries and teaches empowering workshops. Music is a vital part of his life, and he uses his classical training as a baritone to facilitate Cosmic Sound Attunements. He enjoys anything creative, bonfires with friends, heartfelt laughter, and spoiling the neighborhood doggies.

David Robertson shares his journey of physical, mental, sexual, and spiritual abuse

David Robertson shares his journey of physical, mental, sexual, and spiritual abuse

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