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Douglas Henry Lewis Jr

Writer, Editor, Stylist

Douglas was always wildly creative, observant, impressionable, and expressive from the very beginning. Growing up in a southern, strict, conservative, and deeply religious environment, his enthusiastic voice became increasingly quiet as he showed strong signs of effeminacy as an androgynous adolescent. As he sparked interest in traditionally feminine pursuits due to his gravitation towards the strong-willed and charismatic women in his life, the early rejection from peers at school and family resulted in suicidal thoughts, continuous bouts of depression, and a slew of recurring self-deprecating behaviors.

As he matriculated throughout grade school, university, and beyond, Douglas immersed himself into the creative arts such as theatre, fashion, and interiors, with his frequent journalling serving as the ultimate catharsis for his conflicted emotions towards his own sexuality and challenges with self-acceptance. Now in his early adulthood, he realized a dangerous pattern of overworking himself and people-pleasing, often burning himself to keep others warm. Largely due to the traumas he faced in his youth of not feeling good enough he used external achievements to make himself feel worthy to others.

As an out, proud, gay, man living and working as an editor and stylist in New York City, he embraces his complex childhood as the perfect grounding for the work he does now of “making people pretty.” By healing, accepting, and forgiving his inner child and past, he feels liberated to show up intentionally, truthfully, and unapologetically as himself (many times with mascara and the wearing of a skirt), impacting other gay men to do the same.

Douglas Henry Lewis Jr lives a life, fully expressed

Douglas Henry Lewis Jr lives a life, fully expressed

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