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Hank Estrada

Life Partner, Survivor Activist, Author, Artist

Hank Estrada is the author of UnHoly Communion-Lessons Learned From Life Among Pedophiles, Predators, and Priests, a powerful memoir of overcoming domestic violence abuse by an alcoholic father, an incestuous relationship with an uncle, and sexual assaults by a predator priest. He is a seasoned spokesman whose experience of trauma survival and healing brings to the forefront sensitive issues most male survivors face in a caring and empowering manner.

Hank and life partner, Antonio, have successfully and gratefully celebrated their lives together since September 11, 1983. In 2016 Antonio was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and Hank has become his full time care-partner. Both men now face the unknown fears and challenges of this progressive disease together, doing the best they can to daily encourage, support and appreciate each other.

Hank now also facilitates peer to peer, self-care support group sessions for partners of male survivors of trauma and chronic life illnesses. In both instances, Hank is consistently praised for his honest, straightforward and courageous life story inspiring resilience, courage & hope.

Hank Estrada learned to separate sexual abuse from sexual relations

Hank Estrada learned to separate sexual abuse from sexual relations

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