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Paul Haynes

Transformation Life Coach

Paul Haynes LGBTQ+ Transformation Coach

Paul works with who he calls his “heroes” - gay men who want to live fulfilled lives, and push themselves into exciting situations, personally and professionally.

He draws his inspiration from a spiritual awakening, some 20 years ago: to continue a life of mediocracy, or step into a life filled with joy, greatness and possibility.

Splitting his time between two practices, as an advanced certified coach, he coaches executives at the top of their game; and empowers gay men to shake off the shackles of imitation, that many of us have carried with us from our earliest years.

Drawing together a range of disciplines and philosophies, he creates a deeply supportive space, enabling his clients to talk about the really difficult things, and connect to what is holding them back.

Paul’s “heroes” learn to take control of their densities, and step forward as newer versions of themselves, into courageous new futures.

Paul Haynes reverse engineers becoming an authentic gay man

Paul Haynes reverse engineers becoming an authentic gay man

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