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An interview with Jimmy Allen, Love & Relationship Coach and host of the Crazy Juicy Love podcast.

In the midst of a very difficult time in his life,  Maddox was contemplating if he wanted to continue to live, he experienced a life-altering transformation while working with a coach in 2006. That experience made it clear to him that his purpose and passion was to become a coach and serve others who were seeking real transformation in their own lives.  Over that period of time, he has educated himself in the field of coaching and he has worked with several coaches to continue to bring transformation about in his life so he can further support others.  He does what he does because he believes our world is in great need and he is committed to doing my part.  "I am an agent of powerful and positive change."

Maddox is a great source of light for all of his clients and I am so happy to have him on the show.

An interview with Leah Cooper, host of The Wellbeing Room podcast.

Maddox has spent many years devoted to personal development and has a thriving coaching practice where he works with women to help them stand in their own personal power.

Now, in his role as the host of The Authentic Gay Man Podcast, he has carried his coaching skills across to engage with his guests in honest and raw conversations, concerning topics that gay men rarely speak about. This includes topics such as intimacy, vulnerability and authenticity.

In Part 1 of this interview, Maddox shares:

  • how he came to do the work he does
  • the journey to launching his podcast, The Authentic Gay Man Podcast
  • why it's imperative to start on the inside when it comes to loving relationships
  • the ways that we train people to treat us and how to get the world to treat us the way we want to be treated 
  • a powerful mirror exercise that is a beautiful way to cultivate self-love

In Part 2 of this interview, Maddox shares:

  • how the idea for The Authentic Gay Man Podcast came about and the purpose of the show
  • his struggle with authenticity and how he "cracked the code" to rich, wonderful relationships
  • the challenges gay men face when wanting to be seen, heard and valued 
  • his views on the connection between vulnerability, authenticity and intimacy 
  • the one big thing that has helped him improve wellness and get more out of life.







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See Beneath Your Beautiful  scheduled for July