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Gripping Topic, Heartfelt Host, Healing & Inspiring Conversation!

Hands down one of my most comfortable, casual and captivating interviews with host Coach Maddox. Professional, respectful and friendly towards his guest and of providing an interview atmosphere of confidence, sensitivity and transparency. Keep up the GREAT work Coach, thank you for the opportunity and keep me in mind for future topics or possible panel discussions!

Awesome Podcast!

This is an awesome podcast that every gay man should listen to. Great wisdom and touching experiences are shared here. Recommended 100%

What Lies Beneath

“I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. Coach Maddox gently guides the interviewee and the listener through the stories of gay men from all over the world as they talk of being their authentic self. This podcast is for anyone who wishes to learn about how others show up authentically in their lives and gives the listener the permission to do the same.”

What I wish I knew when I was a teenager

I was introduced to this podcast through Grant Miller who is a friend. I’ve listen to his story and I’m now onto my third episode. The stories are authentic and I connected with all the speakers so far. Coming from the Caribbean growing up in the 80s being gay was illegal and homophobia was rampant. I wish I had heard these stories back then. It would have helped me come into my own identity. Please continue to do this very important work. It’s important to the next generation of gay men.

Great podcast!

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but I have been really impressed with the content and the interview style. Lots of good advice and interesting guests.

Insightful and Heartwarming

Came here after hearing you on the Wealth Beyond Money podcast. I love the wisdom and vulnerability you bring to each conversation. Keep it up!


Thank you Maddox. I love these emotionally intelligent conversations. These deep conversations raise the vibration of your listeners.

White Glove Guest Experience

I’ve been on many podcasts, and from a guest experience perspective none have gone more smoothly than “The Authentic Gay Man Podcast”. Maddox made me feel special from the point of booking all the way through the recording and promotions of my episode. Maddox is a wonderful and sensitive interviewer, and I can’t recommend being a guest on his show highly enough. Thanks for everything Maddox! —Britt East

Being a part of the Authentic Gay Man Podcast

I've listened to seven of the podcasts so far, including the one in which I participated. Each week, I look forward to hearing another intimate conversation between Maddox and his guest. The candor and the topics are fantastic and I am blessed having been a guest. I have no doubt that I will again have another intimate conversation with Maddox in the future. Thank you so much, Maddox , for your program and for being an authentic gay man!


I'm really glad I listened to the Brent Hoffman podcast. It was raw and real. Thank you