Jan. 1, 2022


You're listening to The Authentic Gay Man Podcast.  I'm your host, Maddox.  And, just so you know, Maddox is my last name and what I go by.  

The purpose of this podcast is to support gay men in becoming more authentically who they really are, so they can reap the rewards of having deeper and more meaningful friendships with other gay men. 
If you're anything like me, the idea of deeper and more meaningful friendships really appeals.  

In each episode, I engage in an intimate conversation with my guest.  There are two main reasons for this intimate conversation.  One, to allow gay men to be seen, heard, and valued.  Two, to provide examples to the listener on how to more effectively engage others in a manner that fosters a closer relationship.  

As a result of this more intimate interaction, I feel a deeper sense of connection with my guest than I did before the conversation.  My goal is to give you the tools and inspiration to experience the same.  

Now, for a few logistics.  The podcast will publish weekly on Tuesdays.  I invite one gay man to be a guest for each episode.  Guests are relatable, everyday gay men, like you and me...all ages...from all walks of life...with different perspectives.  There are no taboo topics.  That said, my intention is to bring each topic back to how it relates to being an authentic gay man.  

Those interested in being a guest can submit a request form using the link in the show notes, below.  

If you're tired of trying to be who others will like and you're ready to embrace your authentic self, this podcast is for you!

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