The Authentic Gay Man Podcast

The Authentic Gay Man Podcast

Coach Maddox, host of The Authentic Gay Man Podcast, reveals why so many gay men experience loneliness and isolation and the steps they can take, so they can create deep meaningful friendships that help them experience a profound sense of belonging and community. If you have ever felt like you were on the outside looking in, you’re not alone. It's a common theme among gay men. Maybe you are wondering what it means to be an Authentic Gay Man? Maddox engages his guests in honest and raw conversations, concerning topics that gay men rarely speak about. When we are able to get real with ourselves, it enables us to get real with others. That creates emotional intimacy…something we often fear and crave at the same time. Discover how to become more authentic and vulnerable, so you are magnetic to the people you engage with. Tune into each episode for a raw, candid, and uncensored exploration into the challenges of being an Authentic Gay Man. If you’re interested in gaining insights into your own challenges by hearing vulnerable stories of other gay men and if you aspire to be an Authentic Gay Man, this is the podcast for you.

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Recent Episodes

September 27, 2022

Paul J Williams unpacks layers of reasons behind secret substance addiction

Paul J Williams tells a story about how he tried alcohol, pot, cocaine, and ecstasy. Each was not his thing and he walked away. But, a perfect storm presented itself the first time he used crystal meth, while engaging is se...

September 20, 2022

Alex Benedict's pride cost him his happiness, until the Universe stepped in

Alex Benedict's most challenging event in life was his family falling apart as a result of his mother's suicide. He had a brother and sister that he was estranged from for over 20 years. His sister's tragic death to lung ca...

September 13, 2022

David Beers takes the stage at a United Methodist Conference to speak his truth

David Beers returns for his second guest appearance. This time, with an epilogue story of a major life transformation that he experienced, since we recorded the first episode. After a lifetime of struggling to be his most a...

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